Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If only...

I am appalled to find that youth these days have absolutely no social responsibilities. They are totally absorbed in their own world and are oblivious to what is happening around them. I feel that parents have a major role to play in instilling these values to their children. All these have to start from young. The moment they begin to have greater understanding about their environment, we parents have to get cracking.

There was this particular incident on the train from Dover MRT station. This SP student, young man, and his friends were boarding the train which was pretty packed to the door. An old man was sitting beside the door and this student was making all sorts of nasty actions at him. He was doing the kicking in the air to the old man and saying that he was blocking the doorway and this carried on till the next train station. Does it ever occur to this student that the old man could have been not feeling well and simply had no strength to stand? He must remember that he will grow old someday, and he better not be surprised if he gets the same treatment he gave to that old man.

Everyday you'll be able to see students eating or even drinking in the train. It seems like they do not understand instructions. They do not give ways to elderly, pregnant women or mothers with children in the arms. They'll scowl at whoever gets in their way. Social graces are lacking in them and if they do not see a need to have more values, they'll lose out in the long run. 'Try not to be a man of success; but rather try to be a man of values - Albert Einstein'. This quote from Einstein makes so much sense. As more and more people are striving to achieve the biggest house, fanciest cars, luxurious holidays, values are slowing being left behind. They become ruthless in getting what they want. They lose relationships or rather they are very poor in maintaining relationships even though they are good or excellent in work or studies. Things have got to change big time before they 'ruin' themselves.

Even government officials are not setting example of showing social responsibilities. Any or no actions by them will result in consequences. Take for example the Tsunami in Java on Monday, it was reported that more than 300 were killed while many were displaced or injured. It was reported in today's Straits Times that the Indonesian officials did indeed receive warnings of Tsunami from the Japan Meteorological Agency but they did not sound the warnings. As quoted 'What if there was no Tsunami?' one official said. The 'What if' has killed so many of its people! Haven't they learned anything from the previous Tsunami. And they blamed that there isn't enough funds for the resources to warn the residents about it. And you'll see that their government is spending money on their government buildings! It's definitely better to be safe than sorry. My hearts go out to all the victims and their families. If only these governments have social responsibilities, the victims might have a better chance of survival. If only...

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