Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wet, wet day!!!

The bus that I was in got into a little accident. Shortly after the bus driver has alighted some passengers, it began to move off and stopped abruptly as the bus has hit upon something. The driver was in a daze or rather quite shock! He then allowed us to alight the bus and then we found out that he has driven the bus into the roof of the taxi stand! However, some of the passengers who were seated at the top level were hurt slightly by flying glasses.

The entire road was flooded only after about ten minutes of rain!!! I saw one Mercedes which was submerged in water two third of it's height! I think the car is gone as the engine is already in the water. The lady driver and her friend were stranded along the road divider. Poor thing! Traffic has to be diverted as the road was impassable! Hey we're talking about some serious rain here and everywhere in the world! We've gotta act fast to prevent ruining our home! Stop and prevent global warming! These are all the effects of global warming!!!

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Salihan said...

Wow! What a day you had! I've never seen flooding like that in Singapore before.

I agree with you about global warming. Many people don't realise what an impact they make on the environment. It's just crazy.