Sunday, October 07, 2007

Apple pie crumb cake muffin

Apple pie crumb cake muffin (VwaV). What an interesting name! And boy is this an interesting muffin! Well at least to me as there's so much apple cider vinegar in it!!! Haha! It's a tad too strong for me but having said that, it is still a great muffin. Not only is the muffin soft, the crumb is also very yummy!!! I think I'll use lesser apple cider vinegar as I find that it's a bit too much on Asian palates. I'll probably use only half the amount and substitute the other half with soy milk instead.

I ate about four of the dozen muffins that I made! Andy doesn't really like it as he is not too keen on vinegar products. Georgia didn't even touch any of them! Well usually she doesn't eat any of my bake goodies unless they are with chocolates! Huh! I guess I'm not alone huh! I think most children like food with chocolates!!! I shared my lovely muffins with my neighbours. Hope they like them!


mamafabun said...

I just double-checked the book because I read it the same way the first time around. The recipe actually calls for apple cider (like juice) and not vinegar. I almost made the recipe the same way but checked again since it didn't seem right.

Teesa said...

Haha! Oops! Then I should read the book again! I guess there's always apple cider vinegar in Isa's bake recipes so I assume that's what I saw!!! No wonder it was a bit too much on my palate!!! *flipping*