Sunday, November 04, 2007

Baby bittergourd with shitake mushrooms

I must admit that I do not really like bittergourds simply because they are so bitter! But because of the goodness they possess, I just have to pinch my nose and swallow them!!!

Here are some info that I found on Ayubalance about bittergourds. Definitely an acquired taste, bitter gourd (Latin Momordica charantia) is also called Balsam pear or bitter melon. Young immature bitter gourds are the best for cooking: the skin is bright green in color, the flesh inside is white, and the seeds are small and tender. The vegetable is ridged, and the skin is pebbly in texture. Do not use mature bitter gourds, and do not eat bitter gourd if you are pregnant or nursing.

Bitter gourd contains vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. It also contains minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron, copper and potassium. From the ayurvedic perspective, bitter gourd is excellent for balancing Kapha. It helps purify blood tissue, enhances digestion, and stimulates the liver.

This is a simple recipe of how I prepared the dish.

Servings for two
4 baby bittergourds sliced
6 shitake mushrooms (lightly rinsed and sliced)
1 tablespoon of vegetarian XO sauce (I used Woh Hup)
1 tablespoon of Olive oil
2 garlic cloves diced
Sprinkle of pepper

1. Heat olive oil and lightly stir fry the garlic for about 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Then add the bittergourds and mushrooms together and stir fry till al dente for about 5 to 8 minutes. Make sure the mushrooms are thoroughly cooked.
3. Serve with rice or any carbs of your choice.

Although I have to make a funny face every time I take a bite, I'll still cook them again as I know they are good for my body.

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