Sunday, November 25, 2007

Baby booties...

Aren't baby booties cute! One with the Bambi and the other with little boys and girls! Kawaii! I always like to look at them when I'm at the baby section in the mall. They look so sweet and small and delicate just like babies. It was quite a lot of work making these booties! And a lot of fun too (not taking into account of correcting mistakes!!!) I made these using the adorable Japanese fabric. 100% cotton and 100% with love! The booties with the little boys and girls are for my dear friend, Divya, whose baby is due next April! I'm so excited! I'm going to make more baby stuff to send to her in India!

Pattern from stardust shoes.


Queen of Light and Joy said...

I was wondering if you had a pattern that you would like to share. I think they are the most adorable thing I have seen.

drop me an email queenoflightandjoy AT gmail DOT com


p.s- I tried emailing you at but the message failed.

Teesa said...

Sure I would love too! Anyway you missed out the 't' in my email addy!!! ^_^


Oiyi said...

They are adorable!

Teesa said...

Thank you Oiyi! ^_^