Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cookie jar

My colleague has ordered a jar of hazelnut cookies from me (my very first order!!!) for Diwali on Thursday. I do not like the usual plastic containers that are being sold in the baking supplies stores. They look rather unpleasant. So I decided to make it a little special by dressing it up (well, the graphic designer in me just have to do something about it!). I designed a simple label and covered the awful red cover with a brown wrapping paper and secured it with a string. I think now it is a cookie jar! A rather pretty cookie jar! (a little bragging here!!!)

I used the disney cookie cutters to make the cookies. I am sure getting better at handling the cookie cutters. Lesser mistakes!

This is the label that I have designed. I have also included the ingredients.

I hope Rani, my colleague, and her family will enjoy eating the cookies and have a great Diwali!

Happy Diwali to all Hindu friends!!!


Salihan said...

Looks so professional! Very nice!

Teesa said...

Thanks! I am rather pleased with the finished product too!