Saturday, December 29, 2007

Girly bandana

I have to stay at home for two weeks for bed rest as instructed by my gynae. Well I plan to make full use of my time but also not to stress myself out. I plan to make an item every day so that at the end of the period I should have 14 items!!! That's a lot huh!!! To begin with, I made a simple floral bandana for Georgia. Simple because all I need is a 60cm(L) by 30cm(H) triangle and a 110cm(L) by 3cm(W) bias tape made out of the same floral fabric. Stitch a silver ribbon at the edges of the triangle and attach the bias tape to the base of the triangle and it's done. All done in 15 minutes!

She sure likes her new bandana!!! I'll make a bigger one for myself soon!!! ^_^

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