Saturday, December 01, 2007

Marble yoghurt pound cake

I have been waiting for a vegan pound cake recipe for a long time (well since I became vegan in April!). When Kinokuniya had a 20% sale, Stella told me that I can go and get any book I want on discount on her member card. How can I resist! So I bought a Japanese felt toy craft book (which I made the toy lipstick for Georgia), a Tokyo city guide book (I'm going there next April!!! Yay!) and the wonderful and long awaited VEGANOMICON!

I saw the recipe in the book and I just had to try it! I added two tablespoon of 100% Valrhona cocoa powder (hmmm...heavenly chocolatey) to 1/4 of the batter, used Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract and omit the lemon zest. Verdict: Yummy to my tummy! The aroma of the cake fills up my senses! I love the smell of the orange in the cake. I really like the combination of orange and chocolate especially the orange pudding cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World! Georgia had a bit of the pound cake and kept asking for more. She's very fussy over her food and I'm glad she likes the cake. I love it too! I'll be trying out pandan flavour the next time round. I've got pound cake for tomorrow's tea time!


Salihan said...

The cake looks yummy! Was it hard to make and does it need special ingredients?

I'll knit you scarves for April's Tokyo weather if you like. Cherry blossoms are in bloom then. Lucky girl! :)

Teesa said...

It's a really nice cake and I just love the smell of orange and chocolate together! There's silken tofu and soygurt in it. The others are just the usual ingredients.

Thanks Salihan! We've been saving up for almost the whole year so we're really looking forward to the trip! I also hope that we can get a glimpse of cherry blossoms. ^_^