Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've been tagged!

I almost fainted when I was tagged by Salihan! That's because I would have to think of seven random things to write about myself!!! *Fainting*

Ok I shall try and squeeze out SEVEN interesting/uninteresting facts about myself.

1 I used to be a very talkative girl in class in my primary school days. My teacher would always be keeping an eye on me as I would be distracting the class most of the time!!! I was asked to sit right next to the teacher and there I would continue to talk to my friends! My mum was called to school on countless of occasions as I was talking way too much! Well that surely changed when I went to secondary school. I was so quiet that my friends thought I was a snob and too cool to mix with anyone! What a contrast!

2 I detest LIZARDS! The sight of them creeps me. However there are two of them with one in my bathroom and the other in my study room which I can't wait to get rid off! YUCKS!

3 I can only listen on the phone with my left ear. Not sure why though.

4 I am really grateful to have my daughter as I was told that I would have a boy when I was pregnant. And when I had another scan on my sixth month, my gynae told me that I would have a girl! I was so happy as I prefer having a girl as first born. I love Georgia!

5 I had my first taste of betrayal from my friend in secondary school. I was so angry and disappointed that I cried to my mum!

6 I rather get things done by myself than to request for help from others. I don't like to rely on others.

7 My paternal grandmother had asked me to become a sister when I was young (I know she doesn't like me nor my family!)! She must be out of her mind when she said that to me! Now, I have converted to Buddhism and am happy to embrace the teachings as it's all about common sense.

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Salihan said...

I'm glad you you replied to the tagging! Sorry I made you faint. But now I know a bit more about you, Miss Chatterbox. ;)