Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Sunday like today is a happy day!

Hahahaha! I have been making up words that rhymes in my head every now and then and it all started when I bought the very first book from Dr Seuss, ABC, for Georgia. We went to Kinokuniya today as they were having a 20% discount for members. We bought another two books from Dr Seuss range namely, Hop and Pop and One fish, two fish, red fish and blue fish. All three books are from the Beginners books catergory. Not only that I have become a fan of his books, Georgia has taken a liking for them too. Although she is still not able to read the words but she sure can remember the words that I have read before! I have read somewhere (I can't remember where) that Dr Seuss books are recommended for children as they have loads of words that rhymes and it teaches them phonics and it's so interesting to read (and imaginative too!).

Here are some excerpts from the three books that we bought.

-Under letter F-
Four fluffy feathers
On a fiffer feffer feff

Hop on Pop
Dad is sad.
Very, very sad.
He had a bad day.
What a day Dad had!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
It is fun to sing
if you sing with a Ying.
My Ying can sing
like anything.

I sing high
and my Ying sings low,
and we are not too bad,
you know.

Georgia is not the only one who's happy today. I also bought a Japanese sewing magazine. It's called FEMALE and it's the spring collection. It's from the same publisher for the Child Boutique magazine. I can't wait to try out some of the patterns and they have some really nice hat patterns!

What a happy Sunday today!


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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I just love Dr Seuss! I actually use his books not only in children's classes, but also in adult ESL classes for pronunciation practice. They are great!