Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cupcakes for a rainy day

Today was such a grey and wet day. The moment we woke up the sky was dark and two hours later, it started to pour and it went on and off throughout the day. The rain was great as it lowered the temperature but personally, I really dislike rainy days. I prefer the sun and that probably explains why I have naturally tan skin. I can tolerate heat but not cold and wet days. That aside, after I was done with teaching Georgia (I'll blog about our homeschooling tommorow), I went about baking some cupcakes. Georgia has been requesting for cakes for the past few days so it was perfect to bake some since we can't play outdoors.

I made Golden Vanilla cupcakes with thick chocolate fudgey frosting (VCTOW). Today's cupcakes were really moist and soft. It's my first try on the fudgey frosting and I must say it's quite yummy. Georgia likes it and she usually doesn't like creams on cake. So I must say this particular frosting is a winner! Well according to the book, it's perfect for kids who doesn't like buttercream toppings.

Georgia helped me with the frosting of cupcakes and sprinkled some cute sprinkles that my flickr friend, Honor, sent me. She has so much fun making them and I had to prevent her from licking the frosting! That's because we are sharing some of the cupcakes with our neighbours' kids!

Here is Georgia having fun with decorating the cuppies!

Finally, she can sink her teeth into it!

I simply piped the frosting to the remaining cupcakes.

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Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi! Its so nice to bake on a rainy day. My daugther is four and she loves to put icing on the cakes. I've heard lots of bloggers mention that they home school. Does that mean that the kids don't go to school at all? It's not very common in London.