Thursday, March 19, 2009

A productive Wednesday

This week is school holidays and I'm grateful that I get at least a week's break from sending and fetching Georgia from school. While Andy is off at work yesterday, I decided to get some work done around home. First on the list was to clear up the clutter in Georgia's room. Then to iron some clothes and do some laundry. Get around to preparing mash potato and udon soup for lunch. I also took a nap while Georgia had a little TV time. After my nap, I set about sewing a fluffy skirt for Georgia. She loves fluffy skirt as she likes to twirl around in them. I made this fluffy skirt from here. It's so easy to make that I had it done in half and hour. I'd like to sew another one for her soon.

In the evening when Georgia has gone to bed, I made myself a breastfeeding cover. I wonder why I never got around sewing one when I was breastfeeding Georgia. Anyway, there is a pattern in one of my Japanese craft magazine (Child Boutique) which is more like a poncho. I wanted something more simple and I wanted to use the pretty fabric that my lovely friend, Salihan, sent to me. The fabric's size was about 80cm by 80cm. I set about making it looking like an apron. It's really simple to make. The main area is just a rectangular shape and then I cut out another piece of fabric and made that into a strap which goes around my neck. By attaching the strap to both ends of the rectangular cloth and I have myself a breastfeeding cover/apron. I also cut out another piece of cloth and made it into a band to hold the cover when it is folded up and can be tucked away neatly in my bag. I like the fact that the fabric is of a very thin material and it is very ideal for our hot, tropical weather. I'm really looking forward to using it when baby arrives.

I'm now in my 33 weeks of pregnancy and I still have some more time to do some sewing. I shall take today to rest. Maybe I might get around to making something in the next few days. ^_^


Salihan said...

That's the fabric I gave you ages ago! What a clever idea to make a breastfeeding apron! I've not seen anything like it before. Nice!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's a great idea! I think I'm going to have to borrow it (the idea that is, not the apron) and make one for myself. I Loooove the fabric!