Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy five day!

Today is Georgia's birthday and she has turned five. She requested for Disney princesses birthday cake and we bought her an ice cream cake from Swensens. And the presents she received from us is the Disney princess story book that comes with a mini movie mechanical toy projector, my parents gave her Charlie and Lola activity pack and a colour airbrush art set from my brother. Georgia is sooooo happy today! Time flies and I can't believe the little baby girl born five years ago is already five! I can still remember her crawling into the bathroom looking for me when I was in the shower. It was just like yesterday that she was still on breastfeeding. I can also remember her crying every morning when we have to leave her at the childcare (at 20 months old and for almost 11 hours a day!) and thank goodness I'm home to look after my children now. I seriously can't bear to go through that phase again. It just breaks my heart to leave my children at the childcare. I've made some sacrifice and I think it's worth it for me to spend my days at home nurturing them. Sometimes it still fascinates me that I am a mother of two.

Georgia with her princesses ice cream cake

Kieran also happened to turned five months old today. He's a big boy now and he is loads of fun to play with! Everyone can't get enough of him especially Georgia. She is my little helper. She'll help me to look after Kieran when I need to cook or take a shower or do some housework. I am very thankful to have two lovely and wonderful children. Mummy loves both of you! ^_^

My mum with Kieran

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Salihan said...

Happy birthday Georgia! :) Btw, Kieran looks so much like Andy! It's like Mini Me. Hehe... what a gorgeous family! Have a great weekend. -