Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Second thoughts

I had my hair cut yesterday and I must say that I am not the least satisfied. The stylist said that she will give me a cut that will 'freshen up' my face (it sure did with such a short style!) and there's 'undercut' to make my hair look fuller. Also my hair is assymetrical. The hairstyle is really hip but I think it doesn't suit me especially at age 32 and a mother of two. I look androgynous with the style. Sigh. Now I am stuck with the hairstyle for a few months. I don't think I would want another hip hair style in the future. I just want a feminine look. '_'

Do you have such an experience too?


Salihan said...

I agree. It is a bit too short for your face. Good thing about hair is that it grows back! :) At least you didn't get a bad tattoo. Now that would be horrible!

I've had so many bad haircuts in the past that I could write a novel! I'm still scared of getting my hair cut!

katsiaryna said...

Thank you for yor blog!!!!! -