Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hand, foot and mouth disease

Georgia was done with HFMD last week and Andy and myself took turns to look after her. Luckily, it was quite mild but still she had some ulcers in her mouth, a few rashes on her palms and her feet. She vomitted a lot for the first three days and had the runs too. Poor thing! She lost so much weight as she just can't seem to swallow the food. Thank goodness she drank a lot of water throughout the week.

Then by the fifth day, she is getting better. She has such good appetite over the weekends and kept asking for more fudge brownies (which I baked on Sat)! She helped me during the baking by passing me the ingredients and utensils!!! Also licking some of the dough and it's totally clean as there's no eggs in it and no fear of getting salmonella!!!

Now there are more than 20 children in her childcare who has contracted HFMD. Also the two streets near to her school are classified as Dengue hotspots!!! It's just so worrying now that diseases are constantly on the rise and getting more and more difficult to prevent! It might be due to global warming, social reponsibilies...Let's pray that this period will die off soon...

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