Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm back!

Wow! I'm back after a year hiatus!!! Gosh it takes a lot of time to run the household and manage a job too and where do I find the time to blog!!! Hahaha!!! I'll try my best to update as much as I can. Right now I'm busy but just won't tell what I'm busy with until my thingy is ready!!! I'm so excited.

Other than that, life's pretty much the same except tha I have became a vegan two months ago and am doing very well. Andy is very much a lacto-ovo vegetarian as it can be a bit tough for him to get vegetarian food at work. As for Georgia, she still consumes meat and fish that her carers give to her in school but at home, it's purely vegetarian (coz she still cries for eggs at home!) In fact, I've always been a vege and fruit person so I guess the transition to vegan is pretty easy for me. Not only am I doing my own body good (meat contains a whole lot of fat, cholestrol, toxins, growth hormones, antibotics and what nots), I do not have to play a part in killing the poor animal for food! Hey who says we need meat to survive! We don't totally!!! You can certainly get good protein from soy, chickpeas, legumes, tofu and many more. Calcium, no problem, just eat more greens and sometimes you can get calcium from fortified soy milk and orange juice.

Being a vegan has made me even more conscious about the environment and the well being of myself and my family. I would say no one including my parents and brother were supportive as they feel that one cannot do without meat (pls see above). Well I certainly do not need anyone's approval to be a vegan and I am happy being one. Everytime I go to the grocery, I would read the labels carefully (yeah we have to) to make sure that there are no animal derivatives in there. Do you know why refined sugar are white? It's because it is usually being bleached using animal bones!!! How yucky is that!!! Also once you start to read the food labels and find out more about them, you'll certainly be omitting a whole lot of ingredients which are not good for your body like MSG, preservatives and gelatin (it's beef fat or pork fat!!!)

I've also switched to using non-abrasive household items as they are more environmentally friendly and do not pollute the water. Most of them are made of vegetable oils and are biodegradeable. I tried to eat organic food as much as possible too whenever they are available. I've bought organic body products for Georgia from Gaia and their products are fantastic! I certainly do not want her to be coated with petroluem jelly, sodium laureth sulphate and all the other chemicals. As for us adults, we are in the process of finishing our current products and will get organic ones soon. By supporting products that do not conduct animal tests, we're doing the animals good as they do NOT deserve to be our guinea pigs! Please, please buy products that do not do animal tests. Big brands like Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Loreal brands are still doing animal tests for their products. Stop buying from them as there are many other better alternatives.

As for now, got to continue to do some good by baking more vegan goodies for my families and friends!!!

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