Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How much is enough

How many times have you overeat?

How often do you waste food?

Everyone of us is guilty with regards to the above. Our stomach is only the size of our fists and yet most of us eat more than that. Talk about mega meals and whopper size burgers! Not to mention the side dishes that go along with it.

We are causing indigestions in our own stomach and yet we do not reduce the amount of food we eat. It can take up to 24 hours to digest a meal and yet we frequently have three full meals a day.

Hunger and thirst often have the same reaction in our stomach. So we might have mistaken our thirst for hunger. Next time when you hear your stomach growl, have a glass of water and see if it subsides in half an hour. If it does, you're just thirsty. If it doesn't, then have a light meal or snack.

I think we can all eat responsibly by eating more sensibly, smaller portions of food rationed throughout the day like 5 to 6 small meals, each not more than a fistful. It is not only better for our digestion, it will also prevent waste. Have you ever wondered that you are already full, but you just do not want to waste the remaining food and have to finish it? Well it's still considered wasting. For your next order of your meal, have the food vendor reduce the amount so that you don't have to waste it if you can't finish your meal.

Eat responsibly. Act responsibly.

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