Thursday, September 20, 2007

Georgia's 3rd Birthday

Georgia has turned three!!! She turned the little three while I'm on my way to turning the big three!!! Haha! Really it doesn't bother me as it's just numbers. I made 130+ mini chocolate marble cupcakes for her birthday party at the childcare centre. It took me the entire Monday to bake and frost all of them and my fridge was stuffed to the brim with all the cakes!!! Haha!!!

Then early Tuesday (18 Sept) morning, all three of us transported the cupcakes to the school. Besides the cupcakes, I had to prepare 20 loot bags for her classmates but I have forgotten to take pictures of them!!! The boys were given Barney bags and the girls Strawberry Shortcake (special request by G). Then I filled them with Konnyaku jelly, Elsie waffle sticks, Freddy frog chocolate and a pack of wang wang rice crackers.

G was so shy during the candle blowing section. As she is more aware of her environment now, she gets very shy to the extent that she will freeze there and had forgotten how to blow the candles!!! And she even cried during photo taking session with her nursery classmates!!! Such a silly girl!!! But look at the toddlers!!! They are so cute!!!

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