Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunny Blueberry-Corn Muffins

I have made sunny blueberry-corn muffins (VwaV) for tomorrow's breakfast. I can't resist the temption and ate one when they were cooling on the racks. It's quite soft and moist and I could taste the grainy cornmeal. This is my first time baking using cornmeal so am not sure whether are they supposed to be like that. Anyway it's a healthy muffin and the blueberries are quite sour!!! I cringed when I bite onto them! Haha! Overall, the muffin is quite filling. I'll be bringing some for my colleagues to try them out.

G was waiting patiently by my side while I was taking pictures of the muffins. She kept saying: Mummy, I like this! Can I eat one? But sorry G, you have to wait till tomorrow as you have already brushed your teeth and is going to bed soon! Then she showed me those innocent looks on her eyes...awwwww....haha!

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