Friday, September 07, 2007

White fungus anyone?

I lurrvvvvee desserts of all kind especially chinese desserts as they usually have some medicinal properties such as to nourish the lungs (white fungus), strengthen the eyes (wolfberries), improve blood circulation (red dates), etc. Along with the chocolate mousse that I made for my friends, I made these chinese dessert of white fungus, longan and red dates. It's to nourish the body. I usually don't make them too sweet as I like to taste the ingredients in there. I will put in more stuff like lily bud, lotus nuts, nan bei xing but I do not have any of them at home! So these three ingredients still do their job pretty well!

I really like the colours of the small containers that I used to keep the dessert. They are meant for storage of Georgia's snacks. I'll always fill one or two of them with cookies or cereals for Georgia so that when we go shopping she'll have something to munch on. These containers are from Munchkins and they are just so cute and convenient to use!

Hopefully my friends will enjoy eating the desserts! I also made a portion for Stella but she was already late for work so was not able to meet me to get her desserts!!! Another day I'll make more for you, Stella!

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THE MAMA said...

I wanna have my dessert!! ~~wah~~

I'll try not to be late next time... But Little Miss Late is my name... Sigh... Now I can only dream of the yumminess...