Thursday, November 08, 2007

Aaliyah's birthday

We were invited to Georgia's nursery classmate, Aaliyah's 3rd birthday party. Aaliyah is one of Georgia's best friends! She's always talking about Aaliyah whenever we pick her up from the daycare. There will be Aaliyah this and Aaliyah that! I also found out from Aaliyah's mum that she also talks about Georgia all the time!!! How adorable! Btw, Aaliyah is a really adorable little girl. Her dad is Australian Chinese mixed parentage and her mum is a Singaporean Malay. She speaks like her dad too, with a little Australian accent. Really adorable girl!

This is Hazwan and he is also in Georgia's nursery class. His mum is one of the teachers teaching at the daycare. He is always being 'fought' over by the two girls, namely Georgia and Aaliyah!!! Haha! All three of them were having so much fun at the birthday party. Too bad the other kids from her nursery were not there.

It took Georgia about 30 minutes to warm up before she started to play with her friends. There were a puppet show, a bouncing castle and little playground for the children to play with. Georgia had so much fun that she doesn't want to leave!!!

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