Thursday, November 08, 2007


I made another headband (inspired by Heidi headband from Amy Karol's Bend the rules sewing book) for Georgia.

I tweaked the design a little by making the width smaller and used fabric for the ends to tie with. I also made a similar headband for Georgia's nursery friend, Aaliyah for her birthday today. I just love little girls wearing headbands, fabric ones and handmade by myself of course! Those nasty plastic headbands always give me a lot of headaches after wearing them so therefore I never buy any for Georgia.


Salihan said...

Oh I would love to make a few for myself. Can you email me the instructions? Thanks!

P.S. Did you order the Amy Karol book online?

Teesa said...

Sure no problem. In fact I am also very lazy to read instructions. I'll just look through it and go do it my own way unless it is a really difficult project! I'll email you the page. I bought the book from Kinokuniya.

Salihan said...

That's good that you can get the book Kinokuniya. I have to order it through the store if I wanted one.