Saturday, December 01, 2007

My very first Oriental baby booties!!!

I am so, so happy how this pair of Oriental baby booties turn out! They look soooooo adorable!!! I had the idea in my head while I was putting Georgia to bed. I knew that the design will work and I'm glad it did! Yay! It took me about three days of brainstorming, drawing, resizing, cutting, sewing, undoing stitches and killing a quarter of my brain cells and also a couple of hours of sleep for the last three days!!! As the saying goes, no pain no gain!

I used Japanese kimono fabric and I made the chinese knots/buttons myself. I will put up a tutorial on how to make the chinese knots/buttons soon. *NEW* The tutorial on how to make a Chinese knot is on my flickr album.

Here are more views of the booties:

Front view

Side view with the Chinese knots/buttons



Salihan said...

They look sooo good! Love it!

Oiyi said...

These booties are way too cute!

Teesa said...

Thank you ladies! ^_^