Thursday, January 03, 2008

A great time at the playground

I haven't been doing much for the past two days as my energy levels are like yoyo and it goes the same to my appetite. Today I'm glad I'm feeling much better. After I picked up Georgia from the daycare, I brought her to the playground down my block as she wanted to play with bubbles. And she had a great time as all the children at the playground were glued to her!!! Bubbles work magic on children!

Look at how happy she was!

These two girls are twins and I like them as they are very polite children. They would always greet me whenever we happen to be at the playground and would also approach Georgia and play with her. We are all living in the same block. ^_^

I also made these konnyaku jellies in the shape of mini donuts. I used the usual cartoony moulds and I just thought I wanted to make something different. So I took my mini donut pan and used it. I think it does the job well. ^_^

I have made more jellies to bring over to Georgia's nursery class tommorow so that the little ones can have some dessert after lunch. I also helped myself to a couple of the jellies and I must say they are my favourite and I can't seem to stop eating them!!! Haha!


Oiyi said...

The jellies look so good. Are they hard to make?

Teesa said...

Thanks oiyi. The jellies are really easy to make. They come in ready packs and you just have to add the right amount of water in them and boil them and they will be perfect. Add fresh cut fruits to make them more yummy! My family is addicted to Konnyaku jellies! ^_^

Toothfairyrecipes said...

WOEW they look great even though i am not too ken on jellies:-)
Thanks for sharing

Teesa said...

Thank you toothfairyrecipes! These jellies are not like the normal jellies. The craze started from Japan and although it has sizzled out here in Singapore, some families like mine still like them and occasionally make them! They are very chewy and I've read somewhere that they are also a source of fiber. Interesting!

Oiyi said...

Too bad they don't sell this stuff in the US.