Thursday, April 03, 2008

A new job for me

I've called it quits to the corporate world. I am officially a stay at home mum (SAHM) again. I was with Georgia for the first twenty months of her life and then I got a job and we had to place her at the childcare much to my reluctance. I also wanted to see if I can adapt to my life with a child and also work life. I must say that I have been managing both quite well although at times it can be very draining on my physical self.

Everyday is like rushing for time and trying to get to work on time for me (and I'm sure loads of other parents are like that too). I've got to rush to the childcare (which is like a ten minutes drive away) and then try to get to work on time. No matter how much I try to get to work on time, I am late almost three to four days a week! I start work at eight and the childcare centre opens at seven. So you can imagine how rush it is for me to get her to school and then to the office (45 minutes travelling time). After work I have to rush to pick her up before seven when the childcare closes. Then get both of us home and shower her and cook dinner and then tuck her in bed. All in a matter of two hours (Georgia goes to bed by nine)! I do not know how I got by but I just did it in the last two years. I finally made a decision and after much discussion with Andy, that I would like to concentrate on looking after Georgia.

I have stopped working since last Thursday and I am happy with it. I don't deny that I will miss having an income of my own. But nothing beats caring for my own child and be there for her and watch her grow. Children grow so fast that I felt I missed out a lot for the last two years. Both of us are away from her almost twelve hours a day and that only leaves us with three to four hours of bonding on weekdays. I always feel guilty when I drop her off at the childcare. Is money really that important? Yes it is but it should never rule our life nor interfere with family bonding. I believe in making sacrifices for family. I am very appreciative of the support that Andy has shown me. Thank you Lao Bear (that's the nick that I called him :-P)

The only change that Georgia has noticed is that she only goes for the half day program and I'll pick her up before 12.30pm. She's happy that she can get home early and be with mummy. I am happy too as I get to goof around with her! ^_^ I also get to exercise everyday! I'll bring her to school every morning on my bike, about 30 minutes from home. We will sing and chat during the journey.

Both Andy and myself hope that in the future Georgia will appreciate what we have done for her. We love you Georgia!


Salihan said...

What a sacrifice you have made for Georgia! Your family will truly blossom with your selfless act.

P.S. More time for your Etsy shop too!

THE MAMA said...

Congrats!! Finally time for yourself and Georgia. Soon I will be the same although no kids to look after. Hee... Hee... Lets make a date to go shopping, library, makan, craft sessions and baking sessions next month!!

Oiyi said...

Congrats!! My hubby and I think that having me take of Melody is the best care she will ever recieve. I love watching her develope these past 3 months. It has been amazing. It is hard to live on one income, but we will make do.

Teesa said...

Oh yes Oiyi. I totally agree with you. It's really amazing watching them grow everyday and the rewards are priceless. I'm sure our children will appreciate that we have put in effort to be with them. I always believe that when there's a will, there'll always be a way! Way to go Oiyi! ^_^

Deborah Dowd said...

That is a difficult trade-off to make but if staying at home is an option for you, that is great. I don't think anyone has ever regretted spending that time raising their children. It is time that you can never recapture.

Teesa said...

I agree with you Deborah. Children are such a young age need parents most and giving them our unconditional love and time is the best thing we could do! ^_^