Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love my pratas!

I love pratas so much that I have to have them at least once a week. Same goes to Andy. Even little Georgia loves pratas!!! We have our favourite prata shop in Casuarina Road. There are two prata shops there, Casuarina prata and Prata House. We prefer the Prata House even though the shop doesn't look modern or appealing. What matters most is that they make great pratas!!! And their vegetable dahl and curry are good too! So when I can't get my fix from there, I'll pan fry ready-made pratas myself. It's from Spring Home and you can get them from any supermarkets. Their pratas are pretty good too. I'll usually pan fried them till they are crispy around the edges. I have yet to master the art of cooking curries and dahl. So for the meantime I'll have my pratas with raw unrefined sugar at home. And also a cup of tea. Mmmmmm yummmmm!

P.S. The mug is a gift from my mum. It's a chinese bride in her traditional wedding costume. It's a couple mug. Andy has his bridegroom. ^_^


THE MAMA said...

I just bought a Indian Recipe book. I have yet to try the dhal yet. If it works I'll pass it to you. ;op

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I actually dropped by your blog yesterday but didn't have a chance to comment. I'd never heard of a prata before I read it here. I went out for Indian last night and ordered one. Yummy!