Sunday, May 11, 2008

I was still in my PJs

Today was a lazy day for me. Well not that I did not prepare breakfast or lunch for myself and Georgia (Andy has work today). I was too lazy to change my is just one of those days where I just like to laze around and of course the dreadful out of bed look is not to be seen by others!!!

Ever since I got back from my holiday (I miss Tokyo!!!), I was not in the best of health. I got flu and then I suffered from low blood pressure. I fell down from the stairs and hurt my knees while I was on my way back after getting groceries. And I have been getting migraines for the past few days. So I am really glad that I am alright today and in fact was in the mood for some sewing. I have a stack of Japanese sewing/craft magazines and I chose a pattern from the Spring collection of Child Boutique (I love all the children's collection and they are soooo cute and breautiful!).

*ADDITION* This is the pattern I used. I would love to make an adult version for myself too. ^_^. I used the red batik fabric which I bought from Chinatown a while ago. I love this fabric simply because it's in red. I love red. I feel happy and powerful when I wear red. And Georgia also shares my liking for the colour (and she simply adores pink!!!).

Making clothes is still quite difficult for me as I am still not that skilled yet. It took me three hours just to make this simple dress. At least I'm glad that it turned out the way I wanted it to be. I still have about half a meter left and I hope to make another skirt for Georgia or maybe a little pouch for my personal fan.

Georgia was turning in circles when I get her to try on her dress. She said that she looked like a princess! Yeah she sure is my princess ^_^


Oiyi said...

The dress is so pretty! You did a wonderful job. And Georgia is beautiful!

Jackie said...

What a cutie and the dress is adorable!

Allena said...

that dress is great! i'm not that wonderful at sewing clothing.
your daughter is super cute. she looks so happy to have that dress.

THE MAMA said...

That is so pretty!! You did a great job!!