Friday, May 23, 2008

Thank you gifts

Georgia will be withdrawing from the nursery class in Modern Montessori International end of this month. I will be homeschooling her thereafter and hope to continue into her secondary education. I will write about this in another post.

Her teachers at MMI Woodlands are a wonderful and responsible lot and we are glad that Georgia is well taken care of by them. Teacher Safiah has been taking care of Georgia ever since she was in playground and she is also teaching her in the nursery class. She's a really nice lady and Georgia adores her. Georgia happens to be teacher Safiah's favourite little helper so I'm sure Georgia will miss her but we will definitely keep in contact with her!

To show my appreciation for the love and care Teacher Safiah has shown, I made her a lovely tote. I used this lovely Japanese Kimono fabric. The pattern is from the Cotton Friend Autumn collection 2007 vol. 24. I also made a clutch (pattern from artsy clutch by Amy Karol's Bend the rules sewing) for the teacher assistant, Teacher Rekka.

I think it'll be a tearful day (for me as I don't like departures!) on the last day when I present the gifts to them.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

They are lovely gifts. I'm sure the teacher will love and cherish them. I'm interested in reading about your homeschooling as time goes on, it's something that I'm thinking about doing.

Oiyi said...

Beautiful fabric! The gifts are so lovely.