Friday, June 13, 2008

We took part in the first Singapore's Kids run!

We took part in the first Singapore Kids run organised by Cold Storage at the Padang on 1 June 2008. Yeah this post is kinda late as I fell very ill after the run. And I am still ill. I have got some bacteria infection in my throat that till today, refuses to go away. Even Georgia has contracted the viral infection from me.

Anyway, the run was really fun. At the beginning, it was kinda chaotic as there were so many parents and children. No one knows what to do except to queue up behind one another along the Sunshine Orange kids chase banner. The ground was muddy because of the rain on the previous night. Georgia was complaining of the mud and the smell. I told her that it's no big deal with the dirt. But she's not convinced. Hahaha! I hope she'll get over these things as she grows up.

We were among the first group to run as there were simply too many parents and children and we were divided into groups by different runners' numbers. When the race got started, Georgia threw a little tantrum and refused to lift up her legs and run. I HAD to drag her along. Gosh! Then I had to slowly coax her to enjoy the fun as she was so bothered by the crowd, the heat and the ever so loud sound system! Luckily she cheered up after a while and we were running down the 800m course. Andy ran alongside us on the pavement. Only one parent is allowed to run with one kid. It was a good albeit short run. After the run, we collected the medal and the certificate along with some other freebies. And then we were off to the carnival and Georgia enjoyed herself more to the games stall instead! Kids!


Jelcy said...

It looked like you gals had lots of fun that day. Hope you get well soon :)

Oiyi said...

The both of you look great! She is just so cute.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

hehehe... I think I'd be the same, looking forward to the games at the end rather than the run. Looks like a great day though.