Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some old friends and a cutie pie

Hahahaha...I hope the title doesn't sound too weird but it is befitting for today's event. I met up with my secondary school girlfriends namely Adelyn, Jocelyn and Judy, and it was a great meeting. It's been years since I last have contact with them. It seemed like yesterday when we were back in school talking away. The ladies have all grown up to be very womanly! Maybe that's what married life and motherhood do. Thanks to facebook that we found each other!

All three of them are mothers too and I was hoping to see all their babies but only Jocelyn brought her little princess, Clara, who is six months old. I wanted so much to carry baby Clara but I was having a cold and wouldn't want to pass the germs to her. So I held back. But next time if I meet them again, I'll have to give her a hug as she was soooo delicious! Oops, I mean adorable! Hahaha!!! Georgia loves babies and she adores Clara too. She was playing with Clara while at the same time vying for attention from me and my friends! Also she kept talking about Clara when we got home. She reminded me that I have to give her a baby. Yeah I will but some things just can't be rushed and we just have to let nature takes its course ^_^

Here are some delicious pictures of baby Clara and her yummy mummy. I have forgotten to take pictures of the other two yummy mummies. Sorry. I will the next time.

This photo is a little blur as she was moving. Look at her hair! All standing up! Soooo adorable!

Next time I'll make something nice for each of their babies and their mummies. ^_^

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