Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A tote for Mr

Well it was made with the intention for the Mr but the dimensions of the tote and the length of the arm strap were a little short. So the Mr didn't like it at all. This is one of my projects which has gone a little wrong but hey, I can still use it! Hahahaha! Sorry Mr. I'll make a better one for you the next time. I'll covet this tote to my own usage. Hee.

I have made lots of pockets for this tote (requests made by Mr) so that he can easily keep his wallet, pen, notebook and what not in the bag. Two front pockets and two back pockets on the exterior of the tote. There's also a key strap with a lobster clasp so that the keys are within easy reach and you can simply lift up the strap, open the door and drop in again. There's also a matching pouch. The fabric are simply denim and linen.

I better make a replacement for the Mr soon. Got to go and buy more fabric! ^_^

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