Friday, August 01, 2008

Strolling in the Garden

Yes, today we were indeed strolling in the Garden except that it is not an outdoor garden but an indoor event with loads of landscape designs. It is Singapore's Annual Garden Festival and today is the last day. We treated this as an educational excursion for Georgia as she will be learning about the different types of plants and also the creativity used in landscaping a garden. There was a competition for the best designs and I must say some of them are really good. Since it was a garden festival, there was also a market place for everyone to buy plants. We bought a few plants to beautify our home too! ^_^

Bugs like grasshopper, bee and ladybug were mascots for the festival.

This is part of the garden which was conceptualized by Far East Flora and was named Best Show and won the Gold Medal. It's called Shangri-la and we liked it as it gave us a feeling that we are under the water. There was water on top and the reflection was cast onto the garden which gives the illusion of underwater world.

A Chinese garden designed by a Chinese.

A portrait of Mao Ze Dong using grass.

Also a portrait of the famous Marilyn Monroe. Fascinating work!

How nice if I have a garden of my own to beautify! :-P

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow! What fabulous gardens!