Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Two bags and a curtain

Today was a fruitful day as I got a lot of things done! Besides teaching Georgia, preparing meals and clearing some household work, I managed to sew two bags (one for the Mr and one for myself, YAY!) and a curtain for my room.

In my earlier post regarding the bag meant for the Mr but ended up me using it, I made a new one for him. And the Mr is very happy with the bag. Phew! I tried bleaching some numbers using a bleaching pen on the denim but it doesn't seem to work well. The numbers are not visible. I'll probably try the bleaching thingy another day.

A happy Mr with his new bag.

The bleached numbers are above Mr's hands. Sadly it's not that visible.

I love this fabric for my new bag! I used the same pattern as I did for this bag. I like this pattern. I think I'll post a tutorial for this pattern as it's a simple and fast bag to make! I'm going to use my new bag tomorrow for our trip to Kinokuniya as they are having a 20% discount for members!

Finally, a new curtain for my room. The fabric is from IKEA. Simple and nice. ^_^


Knit and Sew City Girl said...

I'm also a fan of Ikea fabrics. I went to Sweden, but didn't get a chance to go to Ikea...! I'm planning another visit. I'm very impressed with all the things you have made in such a short period of time and also home schooling. You are a supermum.

I look forward to the tutorial.


Salihan said...

I'm also looking forward to the tutorial! Love your choice of fabric for the curtains.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love the bags and the curtains. I especially love the fabric you've used for your bag and its shape - I'd love a tutorial!

Botany's Desire said...

Love love your bag. I didn't realize IKEA sold fabric. I can't sew but I love to find unique creative ways to use withoug having to sew.


namakemono said...

please please can you put up how to make the bag? I found your blog via Melanie`s and love the stuff you have up

Samia said...

Teresa!! your big bag is gorgeousssss
make me one plssss a big one... and ill pay u!!! MUAH