Friday, August 15, 2008

What a lovely day for a picnic!

Today was such a lovely day with the sun shining down on us and we decided to head to Sembawang park for a picnic. And so I prepared salad, handmade popiah, fruits, fruit juice and also some tidbits (as Andy and Georgia love to snack!). It was a less than ten minute drive from our home. Usually we would cycle to the park but with all the food, it's just not possible.

We were the only family there having a picnic. I love the peace and space and that's why I love going to the parks on weekdays. We enjoyed our lunch while trying to fend off ants of all sizes who were attracted to our lunch! Georgia was busy eating and 'shooing' the ants off our mat! ^_^ After lunch, the two of them played the kiddy version of badminton. It's a game that both Andy and myself enjoy playing with Georgia. She loves the game so much that she is a pretty good player for a four year old!

Glad to be able to see the sun and have another great day with my family! ^_^

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

What a lovely day out!