Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Arrival of baby Kieran

Finally, my pregnant days are over with the arrival of Kieran on last Saturday, 18 April. So now the secret is out. Baby is a boy. We named him Kieran Lim Rui Xian. I selected the English name while Andy chose the Chinese name. I had to be induced on my 37 weeks as my gynae said that his head is a little big and it would be quite difficult for me to have a natural birth if I were to wait till nature takes over. So I had to be induced early. Finally after about six hours of drip and with some difficulty (vacuum has to be used), baby Kieran is finally out. I must say that this second birth is a little more difficult than the first. I delivered Georgia in about three and half hours. Well as the saying goes, no two pregnancies are the same and it sure applies to birth experience too!

Georgia is the most excited among the family to see Kieran. She has been waiting patiently all these months and now she is finally a big sister and she's so, so happy to see her baby brother. I know Georgia will be a good sister.

I write more soon when my stitches doesn't hurt so much (I'm sitting on a float as I type).


Jackie said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Please take care and have plenty of rest (if possible) and enjoys your confirment days. Post pics once a while, we can see your well-being and our cute little prince.

THE MAMA said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will come see you soon!!

Kristy said...

congratulations - both your children are absolutley gorgeous. I had an induction and the vacuum was used so I can totally empathise! Take care and enjoy this special time

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Congratulations!! He's so adorable and Georgia really does look happy. Again congratulations to you all :)

Soja said...

Congratulations! :-) What a beautiful baby boy and beautiful names! And of course, big sister, mum and dad are all beautiful too! I hope you are getting to have some rest - best wishes to all of you!