Friday, May 01, 2009

little manhood hat

I was browsing on the internet when I came upon a product meant for baby boys. It's a cone shaped thingy which goes over the little manhood and prevents baby from peeing on you during diaper change. It's such an interesting and useful product. I was tempted to purchase them online but decided that I should save up that money and made something similar for Kieran instead. It is so easy to make that I complete them in less than 30 mins while Kieran took his nap. Now no more 'fountain' during nappy change!

Here's a simple tutorial so that you may make them for your baby son!

Step 1

I used a terry cloth hankie, 18cm by 18cm and cut them into circles of diameter 8.5cm. You can make them bigger too!

Step 2

Fold half with the rough surface facing you. Stitch along the edge and stop at 3/4 of the arc. Flip the inside and continue sewing till the end of the arc.

Step 3

Fold the semi circle into half and stitch the two edges together.

Step 4

Turn the inside out and the hat is completed!

I hope my instructions are not too confusing. If it is, please do let me know okie. ^_^

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I've seen these online too. I think they are a great idea!