Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eddie the Elephant softie

Today, I made an elephant softie (I named it Eddie) for Kieran and also made a new cover for his bean bag. The bean bag (filled with rice or green beans) is placed around his chest and because of the weight, it feels like someone is hugging him and lessens the chances of getting frightened by sudden loud noise. This bean bag is used mostly by Chinese families. So it's kinda like a traditional thingy.

OK, since he is sound asleep on the chaise lounge, I'd better head for the showers and after that some power nap to recharge myself. ^_^


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Awww.. that elephant is so cute, but of course not as cute as your gorgeous little boy! I love the idea of the bean bag. I've bought swaddling cloths for the same idea, so that the baby feels confined and doesn't startle themself awake with sudden moves.

Teresa Foo said...

Thanks Melanie! I used the swaddle cloths too for the first week and he got frustrated being tied up so I substitute it with the bean bag and also rotate him sleeping on his sides.

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hiya! I just popped back to see whether you are still blogging after your break and what a great surprise! Your baby boy is lovely! Congratulations! You daughter has grown up alot too.


Cristin said...

Kieran is a cutie pie! I found you thru Flickr, by the way :-)
Great idea to use a bean bag to help baby sleep! I'll be a first time momma about March 30th so I'm trying to collect all these great ideas and sew sew sew!

lessa said...

Hi Teresa!
I found you through Flickr like Cristin. Your baby Kirean is precious! I am loving the idea of the baby bean bag. Could you share the measurements and some tips on making it? Thanx.