Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our dinner

Wow! Yesterday I was basically rushing through everything the moment I got home. First I found out that Andy had accidentally eaten one of the cupcakes that I had prepared for Georgia's National Day party at the childcare. Second, we had an argument on that. Nah I'd rather not talk about it as it's just a waste of time.

So the moment we reached home after fetching Georgia, Andy went about bathing her while I rushed to prepare dinner as I have to bake another new batch of cupcakes. I'm ok with that coz I can also further improve my recipes. I managed to cook up a simple and yet great dinner.

I cooked stir fry brown rice bee hoon with white button mushrooms, carrots, tau pok (dried beancurd) and vegetarian fish cake (made of vegetables, arrowroot, soy and mushrooms). Georgia had the bee hoon with egg (we have not made a full vegetarian yet, will gradually do so once she gets older).

Two side dishes to go along with the bee hoon. Teriyaki tofu with abalone mushrooms and Kai Lan with 'XO' vegetarian sauce and mushroom was a quick and good dinner!

After dinner, I immediately went about preparing for the bake. I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse filling topped with chocolate ganache and little flower candies!!! They are just so cute to look at and not to mention sinfully good to eat too! Triple chocolate treats for the children. Yum!!! I've used molasses in them so it's not that sweet and yet it has more nutrients in it.

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